Meiosis prophase

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      Can anyone explain what is Zigoten, Leptoten, Pakiten, Diploten and diakinesis?
      Are those mechanisms different from mitosis?

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      🙄 It mentions these stages halfway down the page although some are spelt differently. 😕 They are all stages of prophase I, in meiosis. Thats what the webpage seems to be indicating. Anyone else know whether these stages are just in meiosis?

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      Yes, they are the 5 stages (or can be called substages) of prophase of Meiosis I.

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      Thanks…that really help my paper… 😆

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      I couldent find the terms you mentioned because it started to give me the terms in french I cant read french. So I only got one def for you.
      What is Diakinesis ?
      The final stage of the prophase in meiosis, characterized by shortening and thickening of the paired chromosomes, formation of the spindle fibers, disappearance of the nucleolus, and degeneration of the nuclear membrane.

      I hope my answer helped you. if you need anymore help just e-mail or leave a message. I will try to help you as much as I can. ok byeeeeeeee.

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