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      I am a student from Bangladesh, just finished my GCE A levels.

      I’m trying to get into a medical college. Here in Bangladesh dey take an admission test which has a part which requires memorising a lot of scientific names, starting from artocarpus heterophylus (jack fruit) to say zinghiber officinale (ginger). it’s hard very memorising all this

      Can anyone tell me an easier method to memorise these names?

      Thank You very much


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      make it a game, learn a few each day. Check our thread on the general discussion section.

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      I agree with mith- do it a few at a time. Learn say, 5 names per session, and before you start a new session check to make sure you remember all of the names before it.

      I would start by memorizing the names from scientific to common (Heterophylus means jack fruit, for example), and then once you’re able to identify all of the common names from the scientific ones, do it from common name to scientific.

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      Thank you very much !! thanks a lot !

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