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      My biology teacher gave us instructions on how to set up a potometer. According to him the way to measure the rate of transpiration is to measure the distance moved by the air/water meniscus in a given time.

      I looked up meniscus in your dictionary but I couldn’t find anything relating to plants. :?, I’m guessing he means the air bubble..is meniscus the right word to use?

      Also, do you think that 1 minute would be enough time to measure it?

      Thankyou 😀

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      The meniscus is the curved form at the air/water interface. The curvature being due to the adhesion of the water to the glass wall of your instrument. You are supposed in all this kind of instruments to make the reading at the lowest level of water.

      As for the time for a reading, I have no idea. Why not try to see?

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      Ah I get it now 😀 Thankyou very much.

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