Menstrual cycle

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      1. Why isn’t blood typing accurate enough to tell, conclusively, if a person actually committed a crime? so What other methods are more accurate?
      2. What happens in the ovary and in the blood stream in days 1-14 that bring about a change in uterus? <Does it mean that when no egg is fertilized, in a normal situation or…?>
      Hope you can give me some ideas, thanks.

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      Blood typing? Well there are only a limited number of blood types…at best, blood typing could suggest a higher probability of the population/race etc the person is from (because some populations have higher freq. of certain blood types). If you get lucky and find a very rare blood type then you could possibly narrow it down further.

      DNA analysis on the other hand gives something in the order of a 10^9 probability of being wrong.

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      2- Between day 1-14 the egg has not be released. So no fertilization here, In fact they want you to describe what happens before the release of the egg (change in uterus lining, hormone levels etc…)

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