Microbial Air Samplers – do clothes affect micro air count?

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      For work, I have to take Air samples using MAS-100.
      Today, while the Air Sampler was still running (it runs for 10 mins), I went in to check something in the room it was in, and that thing was in a drawer that was beside the Air sampler. Although I was fully gowned, my shirt collar was sticking out, which isn’t really a big problem for that room. BUT, since I was standing close to the Air Sampler (I only stood there for 30-ish seconds though), I’m worried that this will increase the microbial count on the plate? Would clothes affect "air" count?

      Maybe I’m just making a big deal out of it; I don’t mind repeating the test, but I still have to look at the results for this test, and if it’s a fail, it’s going to be a big hassle writing up an investigation report that I could’ve avoided.


      Edit: I still have to look at the results for the test, so it’s still important even if I repeat it.

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      If you don’t mind, just repeat it…

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      yeah repeat …stop your agony
      u can compare…

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