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      Dear fellow scientists,

      My name is Arif. I am currently a premed student, hoping to switch to pharmacy. This semester we were assigned to come up with a research question, hypothesis, and a research proposal by the end of the semester. The actual procedure, results, and discussion aren’t due till next semester. The only requirement for research project is that it has to cover a "hot topic," meaning that the question and hypothesis I am asking is not already answered and done.

      I have been experiencing "writer’s block" if you will. My first questions pertained to plants and bacteria but after doing thorough literary search on the web, I discovered that someone already answered those 🙁

      I have access to a light microscope and more sophisticated tools if needed. Most likely, I will do these in a bio lab.
      Can experts in the field kindly assist me in coming up with a testable hypothesis? 😀 I am looking to do something with bacteria or or microorganisms.

      Any new ideas for my project will be appreciated 🙂

      Thank You!! I am looking forward to some replies 😀

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      I think this is quite stupid, because how can student know, whether something was already answered? Tutor should know that…

      What about the role of miaE in E.coli?

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      THis is a college class so we are expected to a thorough literature research

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      Probiotics are fairly current and a lot of research is being done into thier efficacy, maybe you could devise a hypothesis around that. One idea could be to try to recreate the acidic conditions of the stomach and test various probiotics survival.

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      I am a microbiologist and am willing to dd a research.I would like to hearing you.

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