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      Hi all,

      A bit of puzzlement here. I notice many of the forms on this site don’t seem to have submit buttons. Or I can’t find the submit buttons?

      In some cases I’ve been able to say, register, by hitting the enter button on my keyboard as a replacement for a submit button. In other places (control panel settings) this doesn’t work.

      I’m not a newbie, in fact I’ve written my own forum software from scratch. But I’m clearly missing something here, can you help?

      Aha, this form has a submit button! Yea! 🙂


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      example page or screenshot?

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      I’m using Firefox with Mac OSX.

      I first recall seeing this on the forum registration form.

      I’ve solved the problem somewhat by switching to Safari for this forum. When I use Safari, I can see the top half of the submit button. So I know the submit buttons are there, but they aren’t displaying in some circumstances.

      Something about the coding of this forum software pushes the submit button out of sight, below the panel where it should be displayed.

      Probably not much you can do about this.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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