Mitochondria & Chloroplast

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      I’ve looked in my textbook n its so confusing I can’t seem to find info on it… 😕
      my teacher never told us about it n I even looked on other sites… so
      is there a gaseous exchange in mitochondria and chloroplast????
      and please explain why it happens..???

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      During active photosynthesis (non-photoinhibitory conditions), mitochondria in a leaf cell are able to oxidise surplus redox equivalents arising from photosynthetic electron transport. Those redox equivalents are then exported from chloroplasts via the malate–OAA shuttle or the DHAP–PGA shuttle. Under these conditions, mitochondria would oxidise cytosolic NAD(P)H rather than that generated by the TCA cycle.
      hope so this can help you little bit…

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      s/he asked about gaseous exchange, which could occur, since the gases freely diffuse

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