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      I’m teaching myself AP biology so this question is just for my own benefit and not for a grade.

      In one of the study aids I’m using it asks for five modes of pollination and a description of a feature of a flower that aids pollination of this type.

      I came up with animals, wind, and water. For the animals; nectar and brightly colored petals attract them, wind; large amounts of loose pollen and accessible stigmas would be helpful and water…I"m not sure… my book doesn’t seem to address that…?

      So my question is what other modes are there and what flower form might aid them? If you have a link/resource that I should look at that gives the answer that would be great to….


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      I think the water is rather for distribution of seeds. Try to split the animals, something else is needed for bees and something different for birds. Are there more pollinating animals? What about self-pollinating plants?

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