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      Hi guys,
      I am trying to find information on a indicator that detects DNA without using spectrophotometer or any devices. It should work just like a pH indicator where a color change can be seen with our naked eyes. Is there such technology available? I was once told to look for molecular/DNA indicator through the net, but nothing was available. Please help me out on this >.<, Thanks

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      what scale are you talking about? Microlitres, mililitres?

      The problem is, that most of the indicators are emiting in UV area, so you need at least some glasses for that and definitely you need something to excite the color.

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      I am not sure to understand what you want. Just a colored reaction in presence of DNA in solution to quickly have an idea of the concentration, or just presence/absence (that would be problematic, since in most environment you will find mold an bacteria).

      I guess you will need to detail more your needs if you ever hope to get a good answer

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