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      If I had a sequence given to me what would happen if the shine dalgano sequence before the start codon in the mRNA was replaced with CTTTCCCTT?
      Will the no. of molecules in the mRNA transcribed be increased or decreased?
      What about the size of the mRNA molecule or the protein translated from the mRNA? Or will there be no mRNA produced at all?

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      The Shine-Delgarno sequence aligns the ribosome with the start codon of the message. What effect do you think that will have on the rate of transcription or the rate of translation? And would you think that would produce mutant protein? (that is, an altered protein in some way) or would it just alter the amount of stuff produced? Knowing what the Shine-Delgarno sequence does should allow you to answer the question, or at least to make an educated guess even if you aren’t absolutely certain.

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