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      I have several questions regarding chromosomes.
      1)can you mutate certain components of atomic atoms or waste into the chromosomes
      causing an unhealthy mutation without dying?
      2)can you copy and add a chromosome to a human being without any bodily damage?
      i know this all sounds like super hero junk but they are reasonable questions.

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      1- atomic atoms? Are there non atomic atoms?
      So from that I guess your science level can be described as very basic… So first I will suggest that you start from one of our tutorials, this one in particular:
      And here is the simple answer:
      Yes mutation, not of atoms but of DNA sequence (the alignment of molecules attached together to form the genetic material) can and do happen all the time. Most of them are not lethal, even more so at the organism level.

      2- The simple answer is again yes. If one your cell were to duplicate one of your chromosome, it would likely not produce any effect. Said cell would probably die, and that would be the end of it.

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