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      Dear All,

      I assume that many of you (or at least some) of you has worked with NADPH

      In my project now, I need NADPH, but the journal said that NADPH could be substituted by NADPH generating system, which consist of NADP, G6P, and G6PD. Well the pioneer of this project have provided NADPH generating system ingredient, but apparently, it seems like a lot of handling for me, NADP and G6PD is quite demanding in maintenance and treatment.

      Well, i m still waiting for another ingredient to come before I could start working on it, and while doing so, should I order NADPH as well, because its superduperfragiliciously expensive isnt it?
      Do you guys have any consideration on working with NADPH, should I stick on the generating system, or order and use the NADPH instead?
      Do you guys know, how long does it take before NADPH is really expired and unusable? Of course with the storage condition attach please….

      Thank you very much smart people!!!

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