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      I don’t know where i can post that kind of content. I have worked the last years on a theory to match the birth time and birth defects with cytogenetic location. Because i think there is some kind of “timecode” associated with the whole genome and that the birth defect and genetic distribution of disease appear to obey an annual cycle. There is no randomness concerning the repartition of disease among a population.

      The year can be divided in 23 parts (chromosome), some part are 11.5 days and others about 23 days.

      I based my reasoning on the assumption that people born at the same time share the same genetic neighbourhood and they all have in common a same defective gene who expose them to disease associated with that particular gene.

      I posess no background in genetic, i work at home. I simply ask the genetician and the scientists : Is there a timecode on the whole genome linked to birth time and birth defect among population?

      Here is a figure on what i mean…

      I need your feedback. thanks

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      I add more infos…

      Birth time and Chromosomes (Just an idea, need to be verified or investigated)

      Genetic Vulnerabilities of people born between January 3 and January 15.

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