Need help from cardiovascular disease experts

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      Hi all,

      Great info on these boards. I’m new to CVD but not biology (have a Ph.D. in Microbiology). I have been on PubMed for literally hours searching for the seminal reference linking artherosclerotic lesions to resulting slower velocity of blood flow. I need this for a grant, from a very reputable source (Nature, Science, Circulation).

      Any leads? Heaps of thanks in advance.


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      I would think that the opposite would be true – narrowing the bore of a pipe speeds flow (but then, the turbulence of an uneven lining might slow it down…)

      Anyway, it seems like the sources you want may be more physics-oriented than medical.

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      just two formulae:

      1) resistance ~ (length of tube) * (viscosity) / (radius of the tube)^4

      2) flow ~ 1/resistance

      so when a vessel is narrowed, the resistance greatly increases, so the flow greatly decreases

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