Need to Gather Information on Cancer

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      This is Jessica Brown and I am the medical student at nursingessays-essay writing service I am in my 3rd semester of my doctor and I have to submit my assignment on cancer. The assignment consists of R&D where we have to gather information about cancer through research and visits and then we have to submit that report in the form of assignment to a teacher by proper verification. This assignment is named as nursing cancer patient through which we can help cancer patients.My this assignment consist of 50 I have to do it before the deadline.Help me if you have any detailed information about it.

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      Hi Jessica. this is a little bit practical R an D in a patient. May be it could be useful for your assignement. my wife had in april 2016 a very agressive metastatic relapse of a triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) treated 2 years and 6 months before as a 8 mm breast tumor stade 1. The 2016 first line chemotherapy did not work with multiple metastasis appeared within one month and therefore a very bad prognosis was done. We then decided to try immunotherapy which is not approved for this cancer which is probably the worst of breast cancers. She was treated with a checkpoint inhibitor and it was successful within 4 weeks. The last pet-scan 3 weeks ago did not detect any tumor. If the next one in july gives the same result she will be declared in complete remission. There are phase 3 clinical trials with checkpoint inhibitors and TNBC but results are not yet known.

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