Nerve Memory

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      Ok guys,
      After so many days..
      The ques is Does nerve endings possess memory?

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      Nerve endings can make rapid and permanent changes to their structure given the correct signals. Properly speaking nerve endings are found only in the periphery. In the central nervous system it would seem that any 1 cell is not responsible for any particular response. Responses are elicited by whole groups of cells through their endings, and they they may not necessarily be neurons.

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      There’s a lot of work being done on the connections between nerves being involved in memory – I’m not sure that means "nerve endings," though.

      Check the term "long term potentiation," or "LTP," and you should find a bit of information.

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      When something is repeated- like learning to type for example, a memory is created, when the neurons actually begin to grow to create pathways. When these pathways are created, a certain response to a stimulus will increase in efficiency. I dont think the neurons themselves have memory, but recalling past responses are made faster by this response to the learning and memory.

      I hope this is what you meant =)

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      I think No!

      The nerve impulse starts from brain/spinal cord and ends at the effector organ or vice versa

      They are just conductors, they get activated when the impulse gets there

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      No, they do create pathways…….

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      Serotonin-mediated endocytosis of apCAM: an early step of learning-related synaptic growth in Aplysia. Craig H. Bailey, Mary Chen, Flavio Keller and Eric R. Kandel.
      Science v256.n5057 (May 1, 1992): pp645(5).

      This article i know is not for humans, but it may clue to the way similar mechanisms may work, because such a mechanism has been studied in other mammals, includung one from Lima in Peru!! This is the literature i have read about it, but i knew that this was the case 😛

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