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      Dear Scientist,

      This is an invitation to join (and invite people) Bioinformatics World Wide
      (, a community maintained web site
      dedicated to the fields of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

      This is an open community to people working in or with Bioinformatics
      related field. On this site you shall find:

      * News postings about the goings on in the field and possibility to post
      your own events
      * Job and studentship adverts that our users have found and submitted to
      the site
      * A calendar/event list detailing upcoming events relevant to the fields
      * Active forums for people to come and ask for help or for a chat
      * Each member can create groups, invite friends and find online help
      through our chat rooms around topics such as Genomes, Nucleotide
      Sequences, Protein sequences, Databases, Gene Expression, Molecular
      Interactions, Reactions and Pathways, Ontologies, Sequence analysis &
      comparison, Patterns & Motifs, 3D Structures, Text and Data mining and
      * Each member can personnalize his homepage and create his own
      bioinformatics Blog since at BWW we want to consider our members more than
      email adresses.

      We hope that you find the site a useful resource and encourage you to join
      us and to ask your friends do the same.

      This site is made for you and will be enriched by you.

      Looking forward to see you in BWW.

      BWW Administrator

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      Please submit a link request and add a link back to us on your site.

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