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      Cell lines like P19 can be induced to differentiate, what are some chemicals that can be used to differentiate cell lines and what do these different chemicals induce the cells to become?

      It was quite a random question compared to what we’re doing in Cell Bio lab, and i have no clue what exactly to look for.
      I searched P19 and found something like a cell line obtained from a tetracarninoma from like mouse (guessing that’s a bad thing for them) and what i think is towards the right answer which says that: pluripotent P19 cells can be induced to differentiate into neuronal and glial cells if retinoic acid is present.

      I was wondering if anyone just so happens to know anymore examples/answers… or give me some pointers to a source where i can obtain the information, because right now, google is not being a good friend lol

      Much appreciation.

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      I think the P19 was just an example, probably theyre looking for more general stuff. One example I know off the top is fibroblast growth factor.

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