Nuclear run-on assay

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      In our course ‘analytical molecular biology’ (last master year – University of Ghent) some techniques are described. Amongst them the nuclear run-on assay. In the course the professor gave a remark but we (the students) can’t make anything of it. Maybe some of you can?

      First he described the nuclear run-on assay and then he says (i’m just copying it):
      Remark: by comparing a run-on with a DNA-probe corresponding to the 5′ end, and a run-on assay with a DNA-probe corresponding to the 3′ end of the gene, one can get an idea whether there is also an involvement of regulation of elongetion.

      E.g. stimulus/control
      5′ probe 2x
      3′ probe 20x
      conclusion: important contribution of elongation

      He didn’t explain it is his lesson and the above text is all there is written. Anyone?

      Thanks in advance!

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