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      can someone please help me better undstand what the sequence of nucleoides in a DNA molecule dictates in both RNA and Proteins..?

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      the sequence of nucleotides in DNA dictates life at the fundamental level.

      the sequence of nucleotides in DNA are transcribed to RNA where they are further processed through a process known as splicing. When the RNA is "mature" its refered to as mRNA (m stands for messenger)because all of the introns have been removed leaving a sequence or sequences called open reading frames these refer to the portion of the mRNA that contains a complete protein. In the mRNA the nucleotides are grouped together in 3 base sequences known as codons these codons are then read by a ribosome on the rough E.R. to synthesize a protein. The codons are important because they contain all the information needed to make the primary structure of a protein. Example AUG in RNA is analogous to the base sequence found in DNA GTA. The primary structure contains all the information the protein needs for function i.e. turns, folding, structure, di-sulfide bonds etc. The sequence of nucleotide in DNA dictate all of this its kind of like the hard-drive on your computer. So todays lesson is that when there is a mutation in DNA that is not repaired correctly and that mutation is carried on to RNA and then to a protein, and that protein is not functioning properlly all hell breaks loose and your eyes turn to jelly and you die.

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