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      Organisn,the Solar System and the earth synchronously evolve
      1 In the spring of the Solar System,three organizations of the Solar System and the earth are mixed.The sun does not shine so that there is no fixed nucleus district in the Solar System.The earth is in absorbing -energy state and its atmosphere is reducibilitive and single-cell procaryote having no fixed nucleus district and mitochondria occurs on the earth.
      When the sun shines,the Solar System can produce energy by itself.Single-cell procaryote having photosynthetic system:chromatophore appears on the earth.
      2 In the summer,when state-varying organization and state-forming organization preliminary divide and control organization is not independent,eucaryote with nucleus,mitochondria and choroplast happens.
      When three organizations preliminary divide and independent control organization appears,multi-cell eucaryotes:Metazoa and Metaphyta occur.
      3 In the Autumn of the Solar System,three organizations fully divide,land vascular plant and spony animal occur and develop.When the most complicated construction of the Solar System forms,human having the ability of making and using tools appears and society forms and develops.

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      You missed out Winter! What happens then?
      “In the spring, the sun does not shine”
      I don’t know why people come up with these theories. stop wasting your time and learn something which is fact and makes sense.

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      In winter,its internal energy develops.

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