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      kandarp shah

      hey, guys
      i have to create my own family members specific trait pedigree including as much blood relativies as possible….not the family members tree… is actually going to be any specific traits that my some of the family members show when some lack that genetic trait.
      i need ideas how to start building my pedigree and how to finish them. i am planning to build on genetic diseases “Osteogenesis Imperfecta”because one of my family members was died from this disease. PLEASE HELP.
      thanks in advance.

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      I remember doing a pedigree on tongue rolling in my family. Here’s an attachment to give you an idea. I used Microsoft Word to do this.

      I have included a scale too and for those whose genotype I cannot deduce, I put a question mark(?).
      In the attachment, you can see 3 generations, with each generation on the same level.


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      Well, choose your trait, then identify which of the family members exhibit it. From there, it’s all textbook genetics

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      kandarp shah

      hey,thanks navin and mystry

      finally i have decided to create my pedgree chart on free/ attached ear. here’s i have collected datas from my blood relativies as much as possible …..can you guys please analyze and help me furher more in creating my pedigree …because i have no idea how to begin.

      grandfather(dad’s father)- attached
      grandmother(dad’s mother))- free
      grand father(mom’s father))-free
      grandmother(mom’s mother))-attached
      my dad-attached
      my mom- free
      cousine brother1)- free
      cousine sister2)- attached
      cousine brother3)- attached
      cousine sister4) free
      uncle(dad’s brother)- attached
      uncle(mom’s bother)- free

      aunty(dad’s sister)- free

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      Well, it’s rather easy. Just put your grandparents or great grand-parents, or whtevar is your first generation and then draw who with who had children, according to your family tree. Then simply write the traits next to everyone’s name and you are done

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