Perspiration among carnivores [mammals].

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      Hi, I have got a tricky question which is really hard to answer (for me…).
      What is the reason why Carnivores do not sweat? There are other ways of thermoregulation used by them, but why evolution was favoring alternative solutions but not perspiration? Nothing to do with smell I guess, maybe with nitrogen? What do you think?
      Sorry for errors, English is not my native language.

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      I don’t know about the evolution question you asked, but carnivores maintain thermostasis through hyperventilation (think of panting dogs in the summertime).

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      Keep in mind that perspiration is the exception rather than the rule.

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      I can’t say for sure, but possibly it has something to do with smell? I don’t know exactly why you ruled it out right away… but sweat has a pretty strong smell, and maybe prey would be able to pick up on it? Like I said, just a guess…

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      Smell – cat for example hunt agnist wind, so victim can not smell it, i don’t think that dogs coul care less, becouse they hunt in completly different way.
      Also there must be some reason why carnivores lost ability to sweat during evolution (ancestor[right word?] had sweat glands).
      Maybe sth with the food (meat)?
      Come on people… :]

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      maybe they didn’t want to loose a lot of the water in their body. after i run, i usually drink a lot, and maybe water was not always available and even if it were, maybe not alot…. i’m guessing of course.

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      They could get as much water as their wictims, which used perspiration, so i think you missed 😉

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      Try this: name ten groups of mammals that cool with perspiration. It’s just not the typical approach.

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      sharks don’t sweat, neither do crocodiles

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      ^ Ambiguity about carnivores addressed :p
      I guess he meant mammalian carnivores. Panting is the one way that most carnivores cool themselves. The tongue is richly vascularised.

      h t t p ://concise .britannica. com/ebc/article-9059359/perspiration:

      quote :

      In most mammals, water given off by the intact skin, either as vapour by simple evaporation from the epidermis (insensible perspiration) or as sweat, a form of cooling in which liquid actively secreted from sweat glands (q.v.) evaporates from the body surface. Sweat glands, although found in the majority of mammals, constitute the primary means of heat dissipation only in certain hoofed animals (orders Artiodactyla and Perissodactyla) and in primates, including humans.

      h t t p :// www .answers. com/topic/thermoregulation-1:

      quote :

      Most mammals do not have sweat glands but keep cool by panting (evaporation through the respiratory tract) and by increased salivation and skin and fur licking.

      h t t p :// www .hindu. com/seta/2005/05/26/stories/2005052600351700. htm:

      quote :

      In cats, rats and mice they (sweat glands) are confined to the soles of the feet. In rabbits, they are around the lips; in bats on the sides of the head; in cattle on the muzzle; in hippo on the pinnae. Hippos and giant kangaroos have red sweat. Birds resort to panting, losing water from air sacs. Dogs also adopt panting. Their tongue has rich blood supply from where water is evaporated.

      I didn’t want to paraphrase, so my apologies for the huge quotes.
      Spaces because I’m not allowed URL’s yet.

      To summarise, :p

      – Insensible perspiration (direct evaporation)
      – Panting
      – Fur licking
      – Sweat glands at the soles of the feet

      Of course this comes into play only when respiration is not enough.
      Also, as mentioned by Darby it is the exception and not the rule. 🙂
      The odour of perspiration (as you may already know) is mainly due to the bacteria on the skin.

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      Well, I’m still confused, I know about panting and stuff, but I was rather interested in a reason why those animals (mammalian carnivores) stoped sweating (so, not in what way they are cooling themselves) if of corse there is some reason. But there can not be any general reason as well :(.
      For example horse sweat to coll it down (right?) but dogs which could hunt them would run as far as them (hypothetically) but would pant, when dogs could same as horses.
      Maybe it’s like said Darby, or not?

      Do you know what i mean?

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      they do sweet. I remember that my dog when he runned and runned he could avoit sweeting by leaning his toungue out and drripple out. this is one of sweeting and they can cool down the tempretature of its body. I hope my answer will match your request.

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