Pfizer-Moderna and the new COVID19-GMO vaccine

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      The new anti-covid19 vaccine recently developed by the 2 pharmaceutical companies “PFIZER & MODERNA” is very different in its biogenetic composition compared to other vaccines being developed by other pharmaceutical industries in the world.Like GMO vegetal RNA duplicated messenger, The difference with this recent biotechnology industry ,is that the other vaccines are composed mainly by fragments of viral antigens or coronavirus fragments integrated on Adenovirus. However, the vaccine manufactured by “PFIZER & MODERNA laboratories” is mainly constituted by fragments of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) of the virus itself. The composition of this new vaccine represents a real danger for humans in the long term; insofar as this vaccine will play the role of a potential genomic reprogrammer of the entire cell entity to gradually create in Vivo induced pluripotent cells inside living organs. Indeed, the injection of the vaccine will release the interactive genomic fragments of the virus; after which, the exposure of the human being to exogenous electromagnetic micro pulses of antennas belonging to the operators of the mobile telephone; will cause a kind of tissue electoporation; including, the electromagnetic field will open pores at the level of cell membranes and make penetrate a part of the genetic material of protein synthesis of the virus into healthy cells which generates a significant genomic modification with formation of induced pluripotent stem cells foreign to the human body and risk of creating mutant cancer cells, causing sterility and congenital malformations in long-term offspring. This problem is even more serious, since this vaccine is supposed to be administered in 2 doses only 21 days apart.

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