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      I am researching a new product called Meta-Crill. It is being injected into peoples lips to plump them up. The article that I read about it says that it phagocytizes cells and bacteria. Will it destroy the white blood cells that are in the lip and do you feel that it might eventually cause injury to the inside of the lip thereby having to be removed at some time? Is this a safe product to inject into your lips for permanent use to keep your lips plump? I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this product and what it does to a person’s body, particuarly the lips. Thank you for your time. tamm0449

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      From the bit of research that I did on the product I understand that Meta-Crill is essentially composed of small beads (similar in composition to glass or acrylic) that are injected into the lips to induce collagen production and general volume increase.

      I think you misunderstood when it says that it phagocytizes. This would require that the substance be alive and able to carry out a complex function as such. From my reading I found that the beads are incapable of being phagocytized. This basically means that it won’t be reduced by the living cells and organisms in your body (and is thus permanent).

      The product is biologically inert and won’t be absorbed, also adding to the permanence.

      I don’t necessarily think that it’s dangerous at all; whether or not it’s necessary is another question.

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      Just from reading what the product’s website has to say, I’d agree with Jyaron.

      The website says that it’s not painful – but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some irritation, itching, and more-than-normal swelling involved.

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      Why do people think they need plump lips to be attractive? I question putting anything into my body that has not been validated by the FDA.

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      FDA do not validate food, but they will soon regulate cigarettes, if I agree with you, I do not think your benchmark is the best 🙂

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      hehe, reminds me my friend was selling some sorta FDA approved drug this summer before it got pulled for some health reason.

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