Phenotypes/Genotypes …. Punnet Square ???

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      Ok, so I have this homework assignment that I understood in the classroom as I went along
      with the teacher, but as soon as I got home to do it, I forgot the steps to the problem. Here’s
      the problem:

      quote :

      In plants, purple(P) is dominant over white(p) and bitter(B) is dominant over sweet(b). Finally,
      Large(L) is dominant over small (l).
      If a heterosygous plant cross pollinated with another heterosygous plant,
      how many white, sweet planyts are in f1? (the “1” in “f1” = subscript 1)
      Choose two plants and crossbreed them for the f2 generation. (the “2” in “f2” is a subscript 2)
      How many plants are homosygous ?? Give ratios for the offspring.

      I don’t remember how to get the "f1". I also forgot about what information to use
      to put in the Punnet Square. Can I get some help please ?? It’s to be done tomorrow at
      10:00 am and I’d like to get a response that I can understand that will help me set up and
      solve this problem. Thanks. =)

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      do a forum search, it’s an oft repeated question

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      I took this assignment help on a website and kind of got it done. You want to try ? It was free also. You go on their home page and click on Try it Now … /c-972960/

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