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      1. how do the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis relate to the Calvin cycle?

      2. what is the function of water in photosynthesis? explain the reaction that achieves this function.

      3. In photosynthesis is chlorophyll considered a reactant, a product, or neither? how does the role of chlorophyll compare with those of CO2 and H2O?

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      1.light-dependent reaction produces ATP and NADPH which are used in calvin cycle. energy contained in these molecules released as ATP turns into ADP as well as NADPH turns into NADP+. The energy released is used for carbondioxyde fixation, the part of calvin cycle

      2.this is actually the reaction occurs to water
      H2O –> 2 H+ (+) 1/2 O2
      the reaction above release two electrons, and those electrons will fill the holes in photosystemII which are left by it’s own electrons.
      You’d better examine the electrons’ pathways on this chart:

      3.clorophyll is the mollecule which release electrons when it is exposed to sunlight.
      Carbon mollecules in CO2 will be linked each other to produce glucose(C6H12O6).
      H2O is substances which provides electrons and protons(H+)

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