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      This is all just a thought experiment, but if someone can help me out with it I would appreciate it.
      (I understand it is a strange question)

      I’m curious if it is possible to harvest electricity from photosynthesis. If I had to guess, it would be a liquid solution with algae and aerotolerant bacteria, whereas the bacteria digests the glucose created via photosynthesis and releases an electron.

      1) Does this sound practical?

      2) What would be your best guess at creating a current via Photosynthesis?

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      Interesting idea.

      I just read up about this scientist who made a "chlorophyll" battery which conducts electricity when added to water. Not to sure how it works, I doubt it runs on photosynthesis. But you might want to check it out on the web.

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      you can make a bioelectric battery from bacteria digesting sugar.

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