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      I’m having trouble understanding the diagramatic interpretations of photosynthesis, where they have arrows going everywere, with both the light independent and light dependent reactions, and the Calvin cycle and all sorts of symbols… To start with, here’s an animation of the sort I’m talking about that I don’t understand: Can someone explain it to me?

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      explaining that animation would require explaining the whole photosynthesis process. Read it from a book. Don’t try to understand the pictures if you haven’t read the text

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      Ok, maybe I havent gone into it as complicated as in the diagram, but just what I mentioned before– light dependent/ independent & Calvin cycle etc, not to such a complex level though (I’m not at Uni yet!). I have read several texts on it, and it’s still not quite clear.

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      Try to find something more simple if you are not at the University yet. It is a good and rather simple diagram for Uni level, but may look complicated not for high school.

      Basically just look at the mechanism, do not pay attention to the molecules at this level. There are light rays with certain wavelengths. There are 2 systems. PSI and PSII. Try to think more simple.

      PS: I hope you are not responsible for all reactions at photosynthesis. Are you?

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