Phylogenetic tree for all plants

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      I’m learning about phylogenetics and I found this excellent and beautiful map for angiosperms:

      I’m looking for something similar also for other plants.

      It doesn’t have to be super detailed, just show the general overview of the plantae tree.

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      That is interesting Thanks!

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      One of the units I am currently studying is Parasitology, and we have to learn about 100 different species of nematodes, cestodes, fleas, ticks, flies, you name it. I’d like to create a very simple phylogenetic tree that only includes the species we are learning about, to have a better understanding of their general classification. Right now the only option I seem to have is to draw it out by hand as I don’t really know a program on which I could make it myself easily; however ideally I would like to be able to select the species that interest me off a website and have it make the phylogenetic tree for me. I know this is a very specific demand and it might be completely impossible, but I thought I would ask anyway. Failing that, could anyone recommend a way to type/draw the tree on my laptop instead of by hand?

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