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      So I have some doubts regarding the correct answers of the following questions. Maybe someone can give me a hand.

      What pair hormone:site of synthesis is wrong?

      A) oxytocin: supraoptic core – (chosen, but I’m torn between this one and C)
      B) CRH: hypothalamus
      C) somatostatin: somatotrophin
      D) FSH: gonads
      E) T4: follicular cells

      Which one of the following is not a primary function of the blood plasma?

      A) transport of oxygen – (chosen, but I’m unsure between this one and E)
      B) transport of hormones
      C) transport of antibodies
      D) transport of chylomicrons
      E) maintenance of the size of red blood cells

      The smooth muscle tone is better defined as?

      A) continuous, variable and submaximal contractions – (chosen option)
      B) asynchronous contractions of motor units
      C) cyclical contractions and releases

      The osmolarity of the tubular fluid at the beginning of the distal convoluted tubule is?

      A) 100 mOsM/kg H2O
      B) 300 mOsM/kg H2O
      C) 600 mOsM/kg H2O
      D) 900 mOsM/kg H2O
      E) 1200 mOsM/kg H2O – ( chosen option)

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