pictures of bacterias as art

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      Does anyone knows anything about using someone elses work (pictures of bacterias etc..) for painting?
      I’d like to paint some pictures of bacteria from the net or book?
      I’m hoping to create a theme and turned it in to be displayed in the science building. I thought it would be more appreciated by faculty and useful for students.

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      If You are worried about copyright laws, I think that if you paint it yourself and use the picture as refference it’s fine. BTW, what university are you at? UH?

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      I tend to agree that you would be fine to use photographers’ photos of bacteria to do hand-eye-interpreted original paintings, … although it might be a copyright gray area.

      Since bacteria have not achieved the status of Anna Nicole or Maryland Monroe, I think the copyright laws might be a little more forgiving of derivative works based on the photographs. Now if you decide to do Anna instead of bacteria, then you are in for a court fight.

      Happy painting.

      Robert Kernodle

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