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      Hello everyone,

      my name is Jan and this is my first post on your forum. I have a problem with pine resin for which I cannot find a precise answer; I was hoping you might give me some insight on how to deal with this.

      I run a music recording studio, and last Christmas I somehow brilliantly managed to get it all sticky with pine resin. I was driving the tree to my house, so my car got resin all over it, my hands, my mobile phone and subsequently my recording studio. I underestimated resin and thought it can be dealt with by simply washing hands. The real problem began when I realised that the resin won’t dry, it stayed sticky for days (weeks) so I had to pause my work in order not to get resin all over some very expensive and sensitive equipment.

      I did my research and managed to clean some of it with hand creme and/or medical gasoline but every now and then seemed to stumble upon something sticky.

      So I was left with two options – either clean everything (impossible), or wait for resin to come to the end of it’s life cycle and completely dry; then it won’t be a problem. I decided to wait.

      But then I stumbled upon an information that resin never dries completely which is something I can’t really understand how?

      Please, if there’s someone over here who know’s a little bit more about the topic, please help me out.

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      Because there is no water. It is composed of organic molecules, which stay stay something like semi-liquid.
      You could try some more agressive solvent.

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      Yes it does not dry in a significant amount of time. It will eventually, but it will take many many years.
      Things like "goo gone" will likely help clean the annoying sticky spots.

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      Thank you for your answers guys. It’s exactly what I hoped not to hear 🙂 but at least now I know I need to act, rather than to wait for it to dry up.

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