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      Ondrej Heymann

      Hello everybody,

      my apologies iam coming with maybe simple question, but i turning to you with ask for help to determine the proper method for analysis of plants population genetic diversity.

      My quest is to map and describe genetic diversity / relations between single specie population of landrace plants which grows in larger area for centuries with minimal human interference. The location is determined by the main river where the plants grows around the river banks in the lenght of approx 200km.

      I would like to sample plant material from approximately 40 locations own the river banks and compare these to obtain overwiev how the plant genome changed over the time and area and how big variability is between these individuals over the given area.

      My idea was dna sampling and comparation using gel electrophoresis as an instrument to visualize the DNA fragments and compare these between each other. I thought to extract the genomic DNA with REDExtract-N-Amp plant kit which suppose to allow direct application to gel.

      But here iam not sure if i will get the right data for visual comparasion.

      What would be by your opinion for the best and easier way to obtain the readable results to compare the variability between the individuals?

      Thanks in advance.

      Wish you have a blessed day. Ondrej
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