please check my answers ( biology homework )

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      What structure in plant cells makes them less likely to burst than animal cells when excess water enters the cell?

      A. chloroplasts
      B. plasma membranes
      C. mitochondria
      D. cell wall
      = I got D

      Thank you !

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      You should read this first
      Do you think, you are the only one, who has biological problem? Quite surprise on this server, huh?

      Second, quite easy to put questions on the internet and in one or two days just come for answers, right?
      You should show some your own work or at least tip, what is the right question and why do you think so, otherwise you will be punished. Physicaly punished! 😈 😆 😐

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      Ha, you see it can work, huh? 😀

      2. I don’t think,it has to be always like that, but probably B is the best option

      8. kind of weird question, but yes

      11. maybe C?

      12. just curious, how can exercise reduce risk of cancer?

      The rest seems fine for me, but probably especially those relating to cell cycle should check out someone else 🙂

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      You are correct on everything! Good work!

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      11 should be B.

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      by any chance are you doing the as or the a levels.
      the questions seemed familiar.
      the answer to the 11 th is B other wise all is correct as you already know
      @ jackbean
      in 2 i do not see any other thing that can happen. please tell us what else can happen.
      in 12 i see your point.
      to come to think of it. it would increase circulation and even the rate of secondary growth. but smoking is the best answer.
      i wonder why excersize would do no good. have anything else in mind

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