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      I have a question for anyone who would PLEASE help. Thanks so much.

      The most significant adaptive advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction is

      a. the production of identical offspring
      b. the reduction of genetic diversity in offspring
      c. the production of a large number of offspring
      d. an increase in genetic diversity in offspring

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      a. Sexual reproduction does not do this, so it can’t be a

      b. Reflecting on the answer to a, what do you think about b?

      c. Thinking of the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction, do you think that this is a large factor?

      d. Look back at a to get a general idea about this one.

      I’ve given you some hints, because just telling the answer outright generally isn’t all that helpful for learning. If, after reading this, you still don’t understand the question, just post again and I (or someone else, if I’m beaten to it) can give a more thorough explanation.

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      look at yourself

      are u

      a) identical to your siblings
      b) same genetic with your sibs
      c) have a lot of sibs(a lot here means really a lot!!)
      d) different from ur sib

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