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      Greetings.This is my first thread and I’m sorry if the subject title sounds to blunt,direct or something to that effect.Just to say I’m in a community college enrolled in a biotechnology technician program.Even though I love the lecture portion of the classes,I have a lot of trouble with the labs.Having to use the equipment properly and all the scrutizing to the accuracy,amounts and contamination prevention (which IMO there super finicky about) is pretty disillusioning from what I thought it was going to be like in high school but once I’m in middle of the lab with everything going smoothly and no one huffing down my back I feel better.Even though I’m in my second semester I still dont feel confident around all the instrumentation given my not so good experience the first semster.That’s something that I find so much more overwhelmingy different from high school science courses is the variety of equipment to be used for complicated procedures :cry:.Man,I feel like giving a talk to high school kids about the reality of doing labs 😐 .As if that’s not already a problem there’s the time pressures and scolding from instructors for asking help from other people or getting so much help from others.All this stuff has made me very afraid of doing the actual work.I mean I can only imagine when I work in the real world and this all ever so predicatably becomes more demanding that it’ll be more critical and been having really bad thoughts about how I’ll have the blood of many people on my hands if I mis-prepare a pharmaceutical product just b/c I slightly messed up on the how much of a substance was required and/or it got contaminated by briefly being on a counter 😥 😡 . Besides reading over the labs is there anything I can do to be more confident and better with doing labs?.Like are there any places that offer like remedial lab equipment and techniques sessions to science technicians?.Also if worse comes to worse are there more like non-business adminstrative "office" type jobs and/or tasks I can do like being a record keeper or the one guy in charge of reports?.Thank you very much so for your time.

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      I completely understand how you feel since I’ve had the same. The comforting things is that nobody will be checking you in real life and when you work with the instruments regularly, it’s not that stressful and you can enjoy it.
      There are different workshops. Depends where you from, if you’re from USA, try to search at NIH web site.

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      The more your around the equipment and instruments the more familiar you’ll get. Being that you’re just getting introduced it can be a little stressful to work with equipment and supplies that are so expensive.

      I’m sure you’d get a lot out of videos from equipment manufactures of people on YouTube to learn more about how they are used.

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