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      Hi, i have been told to draw a Petri net for a 3-level trophic interactions: an autotrophic population (algae or plant) consumes several mineral components from soil (or water), the second population feeds on that autotrophic population, and the third population feeds on the second one. All three populations should grow in numbers and i dont know how to do this… Kindly someone help

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      Not sure how thoroughly I could answer this without doing it myself, but the general idea would of-course be this:

      The autotrophic life needs fertile soil to grow and spread in, it will do this by itself. The second lifeforms will feed on this, and will spread naturally as well (breeding), but in order to prevent them spreading too fast (this is constituted by a growth which would cause the first life to diminish quicker than it spreads, or too a harsh enough extent that would impede its own spread); they need to be checked by a predator (the 3rd life). The 3rd life should not spread as quickly as the 2nd, smaller mammals very often breed a tremendous amount relative to their predators, this itself is checked by the fact that larger populations will attract more predators, but the predators should still not be able to breed as quickly. All populations will be allowed to spread as long as the first is spreading, and these checks and balances prevent extinction of any one of them.

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