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      How To Post

      1. Click on “new topic” in the bottom left conner.
      2. Write and informative title and description (this is needed to search through files better)
      3. Click on “browse” in Attachment Posting Control Panel, upload your file and then click on “add attachment”.
      4. Click on submit and you are done!

      Posting Files Guidelines

      1. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission.
      2. When making a submission make sure to add a insightful title and description of the file submitted.
      3. Submissions are constantly monitored, so don’t submit inappropriate material.
      4. Only the following file formats are permitted:
      documents: ai doc dot pdf ppt ps xls
      images: gif jpeg jpg png tga tif
      real media: rm
      streams: wma
      5. Before posting make sure your file was not already submitted (use the search function).

      Biology Online Team

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