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      Hi, I am having some problems trying to understand light conversion.
      I am trying to work out what 25 umol m-2 s-1 would be in kwh and I am using a cyanobacteria that grows at 470nm.

      How do I approach this? From what I understand, one unit is measuring brightness and the other energy, and I can’t figure out how to get from one to the other?
      If anyone has any resources they could point me to, id be really grateful. Thank you

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      Well, you are going to need to use the physics equation E=h*C/ λ to convert the light wavelength to energy per photon, first convert nano-meters into meters then plug this into the equation modified for wavelength.

      E= Energy in (joules per photon)
      C = Speed of Light in (meters per second)
      h = Plank’s constant
      λ = wavelength in meters

      Next, Remember that photons hit one atom or Atoms per photon a physics concept called the photoelectric effect. so, take the Energy per photon times how many moles you have or ΣE = E * (Atoms) , Always remember to convert your micro-moles into Atoms.

      E = Energy per Photon (Joules per photon)
      Atoms = How many atoms are being hit by photons in (Atoms * Photons)
      ΣE = Sum of Energy of all photons hitting your atoms in (Joules)

      Lastly, you can convert the joules into another unit of energy being kilowatt hours

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