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      i got some problems with this past year questions n i’ll be very happy if anybody can help me out…

      1.explain principles of dialysis n suggest disadvantages of this treatment in cases of kidney failure.
      2.describe the harmful effects of nitrogen-containing fertilisers on aquatic ecosystems
      3.suggest y the disease of haemochromatosis -(gene disorder – symptoms due defect in iron metabolism htat result in accumulation of iron in various tissues in the body. gene mutation involving substitution of T for C by the gene of chromosome 6).rarely develops in women until after menopause.
      4.distinguish between physical n psychological dependence on drugs, describe the effects of alcohol on the brain., discuss the possible consequences for a family of excessive alsohol use by one of its members.
      5. y izzit difficult to eliminate malaria n what’s the causative organism for malaria?
      6.explain how cells with identical genotypes can develop i to many different types of cellls in the same organism?
      7.state two features visible with a light microscope that could be used to distinguish the cells of the algae from those of the coral. suggest two benefits to the coral of the presence of algae.

      thanks a lot. 😆 [/img]

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      1. Dialysis is a helpful in removing the urea from the blood when the kidneys cease to work. However, dialysis is such a shock to the body that it should not be done for extended periods of time unless there is no other choice.
      2. Fertilizers put excessive nutrients into the enviornment, causing algae blooms which can block out sunlight from the water, killing everything else.
      3. Women are able to get rid of excessive iron form their bodies while they are menstruating (women are at higher than risk for men of having LOW iron levels because of this).
      4. Physical dependance is where the body physiologically develops a need for drugs. In the absense of the drugs, the body will go into withdrawl (alcohol withdrawl is the only withdrawl that, if serious enough, can kill you). Psychological dependance is where the patient THINKS they have a physiological dependance, but really does not.
      5. Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium malariae, Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium falciparum are the protozoans that cause malaria. These cannot be completely rid of by the body because the protozoans live within the blood cells. They only leave when they multiply or move out of a dying blood cell.
      6. There are what are called “control genes” which turn on and off certain expressive genes. How these control genes know which ones to turn on and off, scientists still do not understand.
      7. Algae are usually plantlike, coral are usually animallike. Algae come in varying shapes, coral are polyps. Sharing nutrients can help algae and coral live togethr. Algae has the ability to cement the various corals together, and allow coral-algae complexes to permanently remain in a specific, hopefully safe, place.

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      thanks alot! u’re fantastic!

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      can anyone explain to me why oxygen debt is larger than oxygen deficit? definitions of oxygen debt n deficit r not needed. thanks.

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