Pretty Blue FLower, what is it?

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      Hello everyone!
      I’m new to computers and the internet but I love plants and love to garden so my son is handleing the computer so I can participate. This is the only one of this flower/plant growing in our San Fransico Bay area garden in California. Can someone tell me what this flower is?


      An Amatuer Garderer

      PS: My son has attached pictures of the flower below.


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      I have seen a plant with that kind of flowers but the leaves of that plant has got pointed leaves and unfortunately i don’t know the name of it 🙁

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      [i][b]It’s a variation of purple heart. You can seach on the net with the name .
      After finding the picture , you can compare it. One such url is

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      I did a post in another forum at and this was the reply.

      I’m pretty sure that’s Asiatic Dayflower. It’s very invasive here in GA – one plant comes up, and the next thing you know it’s everywhere in the area. When you try to pull it, if you leave even one little piece of root it will come back out. And when you pull it out, the plants have to be left in the sun to bake for a while or tied up tightly in a trash bag before you throw them out, because otherwise they’ll revive in the dumpster or compost pile and come back out. I don’t know how bad it is in CA, but whenever I see it starting here I dig it up and make sure it’s dead

      I’m going to follow up on the lead but would still appreciate any help. Thanks again for your interest and posting in this topic thread! 🙂

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      I found this species growin wild on sand dunes in Kenya as I was doing a vegetation survey. Its a Commelina species, not sure which one though.

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      it is poligonaceae but I don’t know exactly the genus or spp

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      If i’m not mistaken, it’s Asiatic Dayflower
      Commelina communis
      • Family: Spiderwort (Commelinaceae)
      • Habitat: roadsides, waste places
      • Height: 6-12 inches; reclining stems grow up to 3 feet long
      • Flower size: 1/2 inch wide
      • Flower color: bright blue
      • Flowering time: June to October
      • Origin: Asia

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