Problem with gel sticking to SequiGen IPC chambers

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      We use BioRad SequiGenGT electrophoresis rigs. In general they work well for us (acrylamide/formamide gels). We silver stain our gels, and we use RainX on our IPCs, rather than siliconizing them.

      We have several IPC chambers that have ‘patches’ on them where the gel sticks. They are not generally visible to the naked eye, but if you look at them at the right angle when wiping with a fine sponge, you can see where the water is being displaced differently.

      It does not matter..
      How we scrub them (Contrex)
      How many times we coat them (RainX)
      Or how we try ‘stripping’ them (NaOH, KOH/methanol, acetone)

      These patches remain. Does anyone have an idea for solving this?


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      I have a similar problem with glass plates. It has been suggested to me to use a 1M solution of a strong acid (hydrochloric or nitric) by people who need perfectly clean glassware in the lab next door. However I have still to try.

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