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      Hello, I want to know what is the name of protein with sequence "cgt tct ata gat acg cga tga cgg tat acc atc cgc aaa gt" or how can i identify protein from sequence. Thanks a lot for answer becouse I tried couple ways (for example BLAST, uniprot, expasy etc.) and it didn´t work well. It is maybe just becouse I don ´t know how to use them.

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      BLAST is very useful tool. You protein sequence is to short to identify a specific protein, apart from the sequence, you need to apply more information about the protein.

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      The primary driving force of protein folding is burying hydrophobic residues in the core of the structure away from water. Putting a protein in a denaturing solution, such as urea overwhelms this driving force through mechanisms which are not completely understood. The traditional method, involves chemically treating the protein to break disulfide bridges, performing a partial digestion of the protein to get smaller fragments, separating the fragments chromate graphically, then sequencing using an Edman degradation (which pulls off a single amino acid at a time). You then align the overlapping fragments to get the full sequence. A variation on that process has been semi-automated in the form of protein sequencer devices. These days, the dominant method is probably one of the mass spectrographic approaches.

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