Protein Synthesis Steps

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      I have to do a project where I create a "flipbook" of the steps of Pro Synt (Transcription and Translation). Any help on the steps, I really do not know how I can make a flipbook of 15 pages on the drawings of the steps of P.S so any help would be grand.

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      check this link or google "transcription and translation animations". This helped me a lot, so it should help you too. The best way to understand is to see. 🙂

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      Here is a Quicktime video that might help. There are a few things I wish I could change. For instance, the mRNA should loop into a circle before the small subunit of the ribosome docks at the 5′ cap. Overall though, this shows the steps of transcription, splicing, nuclear export and ribosomal assembly in cartoon form.

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      You should check the cool movie about the transcription and translation animations.

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