Protein Trafficking in cell

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      Hey guys..

      I was just wondering if a protein is translated in the cytoplasm and its permanant location is the ER.

      What would happen if i removed the N-terminus leader sequence which is recongised by the SRP but left on the C-terminus KDEL sequence?? would the Protein be taken up into the ER just by the KDEL alone??? or would it just remain in the cytoplasm?


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      I guess the answer is in the mechanism of protein uptake, which I’m not much familiar.
      But basically, I would say no, otherwise there has not to be two sequences

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      This says that the KDEL sequence in the C-terminus tail of the protein is all that is needed. There is a receptor in the cis-Golgi or perhaps even in the intermediate Golgi complex, that binds to the KDEL (and other modifications of this sequence per organism) and brings it back to the ER.

      Look at the fusion proteins of secreted proteins with the KDEL sequence in the C-terminus tail added on. They seem to be retained in the ER. That info would make me say that yes, just the KDEL sequence is enough.

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