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      Hi there,

      Stumbled across this website, and it could be my saving grace! I am new to qPCR, but have learnt a lot already and fairly confident having dealt with molecular biology for a long time (and numerous PCRs!).

      Firstly, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a qPCR workshop in the UK? There is an expensive 3 day session in Germany, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a workshop in the UK…

      Secondly, I am investigating this but thought I would ask anyway…I have a gene of interest that has a 9bp deletion from the normal gene. I am creating a primer for the normal gene to analyse its quantity in normal WT mouse cells, however in terms of designing a primer for the mutant, how should I design it? Should the primer be designed such that the mutation is right in the middle of the primer sequence? Seems an odd question, but I am hoping someone can give me a helping hand!


      Parv 😀

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