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      I have to plan an investigation to determine the distribution and abundance of two named species of plant in a specific habitat and determine whether this is affected by the water content of the soil using dry mass calculations. I plan to use a 10m long transect running from the pond away to drier soil. I will take soil samples every metre and use quadrats to estimate % cover of the two species. Firstly, I’m not sure which species to use. Ideally I need one that likes wet soil and one that likes moist soil. Also, i planned to use a gridded frame quadrat but is this objective? Also, the plants may be quite tall so how would I overcome this when using a grdded frame quadrat? I thought about using a point quadrat but feel that it will sample too small an area. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!

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      The gridded frame would be better than the point quadrat as it gives percentage cover which is easier to analyse.
      It doesn’t matter how tall the plants are because you would look at where the roots are in the quadats ad so it would be easy to determine whether they are in the quadrat or not.
      Sorry not really sure on species or anything though!

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