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      Hi all,

      im currently a fresh student doing bioinformatics and bio-related stuff, and now im given a assignment in which i have query on.So basically, i was asked to list all the epitopes for the human oxytocin receptor and kisspeptin-receptor and subsequently to use pymol software to colour all the epitopes.

      But what i dun understand is what does it mean by epitopes of receptors? isnt epitope the part of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself? But receptors aren’t antigen. So what is it?

      In addition to the above question, i have checked upon RCSB PDB website and put in the fasta sequence of both the receptors (oxytocin and kisspeptin), but PDB files are not available for these two. so may i know if those structure predictive website, such as itasser and raptorx, are they reliable?

      Apologies if these questions may sound too easy or too mundane to some.

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      Well, I can do this by visual analysis, but I would start with Antibodies that attach to those receptors and yes they can attach to receptors as well as antigens. Antigens are a type of receptor on Viruses and Bacteria, as i discovered in another post, the "Glycoproteins or antigens for Viruses" act exactly like receptors on cells, even some fuse into a lipid layer on the virus like a cell, They all have epitopes that antibodies can bind to, this is just a receptor that the immune system detects as foreign via antibodies.

      In case, read your other post for how to find Epitopes on a receptor for a virus, I am not going to do your work for you, but that should help a little.

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